Rogue Valley Equestrian Trails Association


Rogue Valley Equestrian Trails Association (RVETA) is an advocacy group made up of local horse owners and trail riders of all ages who seek a safe place to ride without trailering a great distance. We are a diverse group of people who care about the future of Jackson County and the preservation of equestrian access to areas historically used by horses. 


We raise funds and work hard to build and maintain natural trails within Jackson County. We promote and organize events and work days to help maintain these trails. We also coordinate with local cities and Jackson County to develop new equestrian trails in the Rogue Valley.


We believe trails are the backbone of our parks and open spaces. Equestrian trails provide families with the opportunity to explore, relax, and learn, all in our own backyard. Our goal is not just to ensure that we have trails to ride, but to make certain that our children and their children have the same opportunity.

Crews at work

Our skilled crew leaders create a rewarding and positive learning environment at each workday.

Riding the trails

Enjoying the scenic Rogue Valley.

Greenway ride

Mounting block access.